UTC is releasing a software upgrade

The new software version includes a number of performance improvements, in both the internal UDI software as well as the DiveSim PC software.

The new software package is available for downloading at UTC web site.

Within the list of improvements and features:
 -  Improved performances when sending SOS messages in all networks.
 -  A major improvement to the DiveSim installation procedure:  it is now fully automatic!
 -  Some additions and corrections to the
User Instructions Manual.
 -  The new DiveSim software handle automatically the UDI firmware (internal software) update.
 -  Al these software improvements are also applicable and relevant to the UDI Boat unit

The new software is downloadable to
ALL users at the support menu and do not require technical support for upgrading!

UTC is strongly recommends to upgrade all UDIs in the field!
In order to all UDI devices been able to communicate with each other - All devices have to be using the new version (or newer versions, in the future).