Mr. Noam Azogui

Mr. Azogui, CSDS manager,†20 years of professional diving experience; Commercial diver; Dive centers manager in Israel and Egypt; Professional advisor; Member of the Trimix diving committee of the Diving Authority, Israel Ministry of Science Culture and Sport; Senior SCUBA diving instructor of several associations and federations (PADI., NAUI, TIDF, ANDI, CMAS, HSA, IANTD, DAN, BSAC); I.O.C examiner; Technical and trimix diving instructor trainer; Disabled people instructor.

"I have examined UDI units in participation of divers from different professional levels, various age groups, instructors and students in various course levels, recreational, technical and commercial diving.

All participants were briefed on UDI features and functions before their first entry to the water.

Complex dives were performed by technical and commercial divers, who took maximal advantage of the unitís properties and examined its performance in various depths more than 70m (230ft) and time periods (as long as 180 minutes for a single dive).

All tests of the different units were performed under extreme conditions in order to search for possible failures, malfunctions and deficiencies; it was found that the UDI is an accurate and reliable device.

Furthermore, it holds the crucial ability to compensate for real-time human mistakes as compared to other commercially available products.

The communication functions were tested in a wide variety of dive sites and included transmission and reception trials in different locations, depths and topography, while communicating divers were in various distances from one another up to hundreds of meters.
The results were excellent; communication was clear and transmissions managed to cross steel obstacles, rocks and large, thick coral reefs.

All participating divers and dive centers found UDI fascinating and, more importantly, a helpful tool for all types of scuba diving.

The introduction of UDI to the diving industry created curiosity and desire to experience its benefits and enjoy its unique and innovative features.

To conclude, the UDI is a quality product that provides useful and advantageous functions for all recreational, technical and commercial divers, diving facilities and companies.

The goals of UTC to continue and develop the UTC and to fit it to the needs of the different users will make it a winning product that overcomes all its competitors. "