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October 29, 2010


UTC presents the UDI™ the only diving computer with SOS and SMS capabilities


DEMA Booth #1708

Become acquainted with the UDI™, an essential tool for improving diving safety

In the 21st century, progress and innovations have become an everyday matter. Yet most divers still communicate with hand signals or noisemakers, and have no way to contact the surface. A solution is long overdue. 

The UDI™ is an innovation that permits the diver to navigate and send messages, while serving as a diving computer – all in one single device that increases safety and decreases response time for addressing undersea emergencies. 

The system is comprised of a UDI™ boat unit and one or more UDI™ wrist-mounted diver units. The device can be configured to allow up to 14 different divers on 4 different networks to communicate with the surface or with each other; 

Navigation:  Professional and recreational divers alike can now navigate underwater to their buddy diver when receiving an SOS signal from him. The navigation feature has a range of up to 1,000 meters, with a depth of 70 meters. The system features both a diver SOS and a boat SOS. 

Messaging: The UDI™ allows two way underwater wireless communications via pre-configured text messaging (underwater SMS), with up to 14 preset messages.

The message transmission range is identical to the navigation range.

UDI™ messaging is superior to wireless voice communication, which requires full face masks which increase air consumption, not to mention the advantage of UDI™'s user-friendly HMI (Human Machine Interface).


Diving computer: The UDI™ includes a fully functional RGBM NITROX diving computer, allowing any EAN mixture, altitude correction, and multiple dives (without requiring a 24-hour reset for new divers), deep stops option and a log book.


3D compass: The UDI™ features a 3D compass corrected to elevation of up to ±60 with either graphic or digital digit display.


PC interface:  All applications are software-based with full PC communication capability.


UTC UDI™ device is a robust, proven and patented technology that is leading the field of underwater communications.


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